Sep 24, 2:00 PM GMT-5
Hostería dos Chorreras
Save the Date Sebastián and Josephine are getting married!

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Our Story



She loves to laugh,

She loves to draw,

She loves to bake when she is stressed.


She retreats into  her own world where cows fly in the sky.

She is a quirky soul from head to toe. 

She loves her chubby cat Maverick even though he's a high-maintenance moody brat.


Jo loves being silly and driving Sebas nuts! (in a good way!)



Q. How did you first meet?

We were initially co-workers. One day Sebas saw Jo across the office pantry in her dinosaur suit and soon after and he was in love :D

Q. Who made the first move? How?

Sebas did. He sent frozen yogurt to Jo’s house after Jo bailed out on a double date by staying true to her anti social instinct. (In Jo's defense, she didn't know it was going to be a double date)

Q. Who's going to take out the trash?

Sebas’s always takes out the trash, rain or snow. He also does the laundry and scrubs the toilet. <3

Q. What was your most memorable date?

We went on a Christmas tree hunting date in the middle of December. (Keep in mind, Sebas HATES the cold). We walked from mid town NYC all the way up to Central Park. In front of Museum of Natural History is where we found the last Christmas tree of the night, the dino-tree.

Q. What's your favorite activity together?

If we have to name one, it has to be traveling since we love exploring different cultures. But we also love eating szechuan food or sushi (yellowfin jalapeno rolls are the bees knees!), and grabbing bubble tea after running errands (Shot out to MeetFresh)

Q. Who does Maverick (the cat) loves more?

Maverick disowned Jo and adopted Sebas as his father. He's the sweetest <3

Q. What's the best meal you have eaten together?

Hotpot is always on Sebas' top list. That’s why when he visited Taiwan in 2019, Jo’s parents took them out to have hotpot for Chinese New Year dinner. Jo’s dad scooped a giant piece of duck blood and placed it on Sebas' rice and said, “ You have to learn to eat the good stuff.” Sebas cleaned his plate that night., NOT

Q. What's the most memorable trip you have taken together?

There are so many great trips but Nantucket road trip stands out. Sebas took Jo there because he knew Jo loves whales. Alhough, they didn’t get to see any whales and almost missed the last boat due to biking too deep into the island. It was their first road trip together and hands down had the best breakfast food ever.

Q. We’re on the same page about?

What's important to us. And that's spending time with the people we love most. (You all!)

& yellowfin jalapeno sushi!



He loves architecture and design. 


He is a robot that runs on music and recharges watching fútbol.

He enjoys caring for his 50,000 plants (that need to be water before sunset).

He greets his sorority of fish every morning and shake hands with the bearded dragon.

Sebas is a perfectionist who thinks “good enough” is not enough.


Our Big Day

Saturday September 24, 2022


Hostería dos Chorreras

Km 21 via al Cajas

Cuenca, Ecuador

2:00 PM - 8:00 PM GMT-5


Capilla del Seminario San Luis

49 y, Simón Bolívar & Padre Aguirre

Cuenca, Ecuador

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM GMT-5


See You at the Altar!

We can't wait to celebrate with you. 
For any questions or special song requests, be in touch! 




Many of you are traveling across the globe to celebrate with us in Ecuador,

so your presence means the world to us and is all we ask for.

If you would still like to contribute to our early steps and future plans as a married couple, please use the information below:


Banco Guayaquil

Cta. Ahorros


CI: 0103143012

Sebastian Andres Medina Pardo

United States

Bank of America

Sebastian Medina - Yuying J Lee

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